Your hosts, the Family Royer-Postl in Ramsau


Grandma Rosa (nearly 80)…

the soul of the house is still very active. She helps wherever needed, especially at breakfast, in the laundry and with child care. We’re really very thankful to her.


Grandpa Siega (84 years young)…

former ski school manager, was proud owner of two Haflinger mares, who gave birth to foals every spring. Horse-drawn sleigh rides were his speciality after he retired.  For health reasons he has now passed this “job” onto Franzi.


Iris (39)

is, when she’s not out and about with one of the children either busy in the dining room or in the office. She loves cooking and is inspired by her cook books or by recipes from the internet. The daily joys of the palates are planned by her.


Franzi (46)

comes from a wine-growing family from Leutschach in southern Styria. He went to the High School for Viticulture in Silberberg and worked in the building industry prior to the birth of our daughter, Theresa. Since joining the Sporthof Austria he takes care of technical things, clears the snow, helps out in service as well as looks after the flowers in the balcony and garden. He’s on hand for tips and advice for excursions and hikes. As already mentioned he has taken over the two Haflinger mares from his father-in-law and takes our guests in winter on sleigh rides through Ramsau. His favourite hobby besides the children is producing swiss pine schnapps – fancy a taste?

Our pride and joy – our children …


Simon (14)

is in his last year at school in Schladming, before he (from today’s point of view) goes on to the Hotel Management College.  His greatest passions are playing football, skiing and computers. He already helps out in service and often has to look after his younger brother and sister.


Theresa (4)

is in her second year at Kindergarten in Ramsau. She started to ski two years ago and is a real whizzer. She’s very active and her mouth is seldom closed. She loves playing football or on the computer with other children and she can already ride her bike well. She enjoys looking at picture books and role play games, where she can let her imagination run wild. She is also fond of the 4 rabbits, which hop around the garden and the two pigmy goats.



is our late arrival and was born on the 23rd of November 2012 in Schladming. He now has 6 teeth and sits at the table and eats nicely with us. He loves being carried around all day. His favourite pastime is crawling around and exploring everything.  He has us all under control.

…and there’s also



our tricoloured cat has been a member of our family for 8 years now. In winter she loves the warm spots by or on the Austrian tiled stove and in summer she’s likes being outdoors in the garden or in our neighbour’s cow paddock…

  • Golden Autumn

    • 7 Nächte Halbpension
    • 3-Gang-Wahlmenü
    • 1 Nordic-Walking-Tour
    • 1 geführte Wanderung
    • Sommercard
    • 1 Wohlfühlmassage
    • 1 bodenständige Rucksackfüllung
    7 Übernachtungen
    ab € 368,- pro Person

    Zeitraum: 21.09. - 12.10.2014
    Anreise: Samstag

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  • Tolerance Week 2014

    • 3 bzw. 7 Nächte Halbpension
    • Gemeinsamer Kirchgang am Sonntag
    • Workshops und Vorträge
    • Geführte, geschichtsträchtige Wanderungen
    • Gemeinsamer Besuch des Almtages 2014 im Ramsauer Almengebiet
    3 Übernachtungen
    ab € 159,- pro Person

    Zeitraum: 28.06. – 06.07.2014
    Anreise: Samstag oder Donnerstag

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  • Cinnamon & Cloves

    • 3 bzw. 4 Nächte Nächte Halbpension
    • 1 Keks-Backtag mit Oma Rosa und ihren geheimen Rezepten
    • 1 Aroma-Massage
    • Adventlesung und Verkostung der köstlichen Kekse mit hausgemachtem Glühwein oder Punsch
    • 1 Pferdeschlittenfahrt
    3 bzw. 4 Übernachtungen
    ab € 250,- pro Person

    Zeitraum: 04.12. – 21.12.2014
    Anreise: Sonntag oder Donnerstag

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  • March Sunshine

    • 7 Nächte Halbpension
    • 6-Tages-Skipass
    • 1 Skitour nach Obertraun mit dem Chef des Hauses inkl. Transfer
    • 1 Skitour im Dachsteingebiet
    • 1 Wohlfühlmassage
    • 1 Rittisberg-Rodelpartie
    7 Übernachtungen
    ab € 746,-- pro Person

    Zeitraum: 14.03. – 22.03.2015
    Anreise: Samstag oder Sonntag

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  • Sunshine Skiing

    • 7 Nächte Halbpension
    • 6-Tages-Skipass
    • 1 Wohlfühlmassage
    • 1 x Rittisberg-Rodeln
    • kostenloses Pick-Up Service von der Skibus Haltestelle
    • Kinderpauschale

    7 Übernachtungen im Doppelzimmer
    ab € 676,50 pro Person

    Zeitraum: 15.03. – 06.04.2014
    Anreise: Samstag

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  • Spring Hiking Days

    • 7 Nächte Halbpension mit 3-Gang-Wahlmenü
    • 2 geführte Wanderungen
    • 1 Wohlfühlmassage
    • Schladming-Dachstein-Sommercard
    • 1 bodenständige Rucksackfüllung
    7 Übernachtungen
    ab € 465,- pro Person

    Zeitraum: 11.06. – 02.07.2017
    Anreise: Samstag oder Sonntag

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  • Snowman Package

    • 7 Tage Halbpension
    • eine lustige Pferdeschlittenfahrt oder eine Nachtrodelpartie auf dem Rittisberg
    • eine Fackelwanderung mit Umtrunk
    • Abschlussjause

    7 Übernachtungen
    ab € 530,- pro Person

    Zeitraum: 07.01. – 05.02.2017
    Anreise: Samstag oder Sonntag /br>
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  • Fit for winter

    • 3 oder 4 Nächte Halbpension
    • 3-Gang-Wahlmenü
    • 1 Trainerstunde alpin oder nordisch
    • 1 Wohlfühlmassage

    Trainieren Sie in der Ramsau und lassen Sie sich mit einer Wohlfühlmassage verwöhnen.
    3 Übernachtungen
    ab € 297,50 pro Person

    Zeitraum: 08.12. – 22.12.2013
    Anreise: Sonntag oder Donnerstag

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